Agile Enablement Practice

SGIC’s Agile Enablement Practice helps address organizational and process impediments to scale the agile practice and foster organizational agility

Across the industry it is recognized that it takes more than just creating some pilot agile teams and hoping that the rest of the organization will follow along. We believe we need more than just a grassroots effort and lip service from management. Organizational agility requires a concerted effort and an informed plan of action

Mission and Objectives

The mission of this team is to create a culture of agility and promote:

  • Evangelism around agile. Share stories, celebrate wins and early failures, and enable others to try. Help propel the agile transition by providing catalytic leadership in creating environments of change
  • Communication of progress. Rollout plans across teams, progress of teams, organizational changes and updates to the enablement backlog should be communicated across the organization
  • Escalation of issues outside the team’s control. Listen to the teams to determine what’s working and what’s not. Ask how the enablement team can help improve the agile transition. Anticipate and remove organizational impediments whenever possible and identify any impediments that are outside of any of the delivery teams’ control.
  • Guidance and support to teams and organization. Develop backlog items, rollout, and integration across the organization. Promote team dynamics/commitments, support/model for teams through quick feedback and continual involvement with the delivery teams

Composition and Roles

The team will be made up of senior representatives from each functional area, Agile leadership, PMO, Product Management, Development, and Quality Insurance. This range of skills and knowledge will enable the team to understand the issues relating to individual functional, as well as developing solutions to the problems outstanding. Additional ad-hoc members from Legal, Infrastructure, Clinical, etc. will be identified and included based on the focus for the team in a given time period.

Team Leader is responsible for:
  • Ensuring this Team Charter is abided by
  • Managing the day to day operations of the team and the team's deliverables
  • Managing the budget (if any is needed and approved).
  • Providing support and assistance to individual team members.
  • Providing status reports to the Customer Products Leadership team on a regular (Weekly/Biweekly) basis
Each team member will be responsible for:
  • Abiding by this Team Charter.
  • Disseminating decisions made by this team.
  • Bring feedback from functional and scrum teams back to this group.
  • Following the agile process of self-organizing and holding each other accountable to deliverables
  • Attending meetings and prioritizing the initiatives of this team.

Authority and Boundaries

The team has the authority to define work for up to 2 hours per week. Any additional load that may impact other deliverables must be approved by functional leaders or Customer Products Leadership team. Work requiring resources not part of the team will need approval of functional managers and scrum masters if those resources are dedicated to scrum teams.

Resources and Support

No budget is currently set for this team. A recommendation for budget to account for travel and training will need to defined and approved by the Customer Products Leadership team in the first 30 days of the formation of the group and yearly before the end of FYQ3.

Customer Products Leadership sponsor is identified for the team. He/She will meet with the team leader twice a month for a progress update and to provide support and coaching appropriately.

Retrospectives and Process Improvement

In following the Agile methodology, the team will implement retrospectives at least quarterly to identify and commit to opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the Agile Enablement Team. These will include ensuring the right process as well as membership and continued commitment of the team. The results of the retrospective will be reviewed with the Customer Products Leadership team.